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You found me. Now what?
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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
11:43 am
Men are pigs, women are bitches
The whole time that I restrain myself from saying what's truly on my mind, is probably about 30 seconds a day.
if that.

But the things that dont get said are usually poorly thought out and easily regrettable.

However, if someone were to ask me "What do I think of _________"

I can't necessarily tell them what I really think.
Because people can't look past homicidal tendencies, I find.
As soon as you say "kill them all"
one of three thoughts will happen.

1) He's trying to be funny
2) He's trying too hard to be "cool"
3) He's a little violent.

The second they realize that I honestly hate the bags of blood and pus that call themselves human...
BAM... they get put off. "Oh shit, he's serious"

I like individuals... but no matter how nice a person could be, I could write them off into a grave before I ever met them. That is how much genocidal rage that I have.

I guess I don't have homicidal tendancies... its more or less genocidal lust.
I'm so cute, I could fuck myself.
Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
3:16 pm
There needs to be justice for blacks????




8:19 am
Another reason to hate people?

Rude, Snippy comments.

I swear... people pretend to be mature, but then act like children?

It doesn't make sense.

Just like a recent story in the Ukraine... where the parents letting their 11 year old daughter carry a child to full term. Pregnancy wrecks A GROWN woman's body... now imagine how many health problems that girl is going to have when she's older. Shit.

I can understand the fact that the 26 year old man had sex with her.
Not because I like it, but because that kind of thing is never going to go away.

But what is worse than what that 'man' did to her, is the fact that the parents allowed the girl to carry the child full-term.

What the guy did MAY have caused an emotional scar (although I know for a FACT that a lot of 11 year olds are getting the idea that they 'want' sex, even though they dont know shit about the implications) He MAY have caused an emotional scar, and maybe minor vaginal tearing...

But what the PARENTS did, is allow the child run the full pregnancy term. Sapping her skeleton of the calcium it needs to strengthen and grow, fucking up her hormonal cycle, ruined her life when she was not old enough to ruin it.... they should have had it aborted RIGHT AWAY.

the man shouldn't get off scott-free. he should be given at least a heavy fine or something...
but the PARENTS are the ones who are the evildoers in this story.
Thursday, January 15th, 2004
4:05 pm
Such an asshole.
Fuck it.
I'm dead anyway.

Noone really appreciates a good son-of-a-bitch these days.

Every one is a victim... except me.
So >I< gotta be the bad guy.

shit.. just because i throw rocks at your babies and kick your yapping pomeranians, that doesn't make you better than me, it only makes you look stupid... after all you are worthless and stupid, and will raise your children to be just like you, you FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF CITY TRASH!

Oh, fuck you. As if you never had homocidal urges at the sound of a dog yipping constantly.

So WHAT if I swerve to barely miss the homeless guys...

suck my fucken dick, you worthless cunt. get a real life.
Monday, January 12th, 2004
1:49 pm
As if one diseased daily rant weren't enough..
I would just like to announce that the fight for homosexual marriage is fucking STUPID

Not because im against gays or marriage....

but because gay folks can set up the legal bit up privately that would include beneficiaries, etc and would have better protections than the actual marriage itself.

You wouldn't have to deal with any self-righteous christians, or closeted bishops that hope to draw any potential interest away from their interest in young male babies.

[another tangent]

Although I have been friends with gay people most of my life... you know, the ones who admit it AND the ones who don't.....

and I still just don't understand the fascination. Like... it HAS to be biological or chemically induced because I totally cannot see how a guy (ANY guy) can think that a naked man bent over is sexy. even a lot women agree that the sight of a bent-over hairy naked man is ugly... or at least funny.

It baffles me to no end... and then there are the little 'pillow-talk' phrases that i can only imagine go on... [deep voice] ohhh billy... yes oh... put your hot man stick in my ass"

how is that sexy?

See, I figured out something recently... and it goes against popular opinion.

Men who like transexuals, she males, hermaphrodites... etc.... aren't necessarily gay
(whereas I, myself have been slightly confused by the appearance of one, have no desire to fuck one or even get close)

the reason i say that these men who like these "shemales" are not necessarily gay.....
is due to the fact that these men are tired of dealing with emotionally FUCKED UP women.... so they turn to someone that is more like them... who understands their needs for sexual attention and if they are lucky, have the breasts/body that they like in a woman.

The whole idea of someone WANTING to be a transgender is retarded (in my opinion)

Someone saying "I was born the wrong sex, so I fixed it" is like saying "I was given the wrong salary, so I fixed it"

The shit don't work, you are chopping off a bit of your anatomy... and really, when it comes to removing major body parts, that is where I draw the line...

believe it or not, im VERY open minded about perforating, implanting and inking your body.... but COME ON NOW....

i'll stop.. because i feel another vomitous rant bubbling up from the stench of my soul.
11:49 am
My problem with women.
Ok. I admit. Nature got us over a barrel.
Men need women to further the species.
Plus women are fucking gorgeous.


Nature FUCKED men in this regard:
Women are insufferably intolerable.

When you create children, they somehow become the same from 0-20
If you are fucking LUCKY.. around 20-21 they go.. "OH SHIT! I was such a BITCH/DICK to my dad... he really DID know what was best for me"
if you are UNLUCKY... then they go to therapy and by self-motivational tapes because they are lazy, overemotional victims who have nothing better than a persecution complex, over-extended credit line and anti-depressant medication.

Men are ALSO screwed in an indirect way.... because they are hunter-gatherers.
They believe that if something bleeds long enough, it will die.
NO WONDER we can't understand women.

it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't do it EVERY FREAKIN MONTH!

speaking of every freakin month...

You know what we should do to the inner city brood-mares?
Cauterize their cervixes! that's right, stick a red-hot poker up there and render them childless!

It's cruel, but useful.
Speaking of useful... let republicans carry guns as long as they move to the inner cities.
Why, you say, would that make sense?

It would definitely settle the age-old 'Bloods' vs. 'Crips' war.
If you get too many white republican christians near guns and black people...
There's a major war.

I'm not racist. I just simply have no use for Black gang members and White republican christians.... so as long as they are killing each other, I'm a HAPPY GUY!

Yes, I do envision an overbearing genocidal obsession emanating from my soul... But that's no different than anyone else.

oh fuck you. You aren't any different, you only PRETEND to be so that you won't lose your "Country Club" privledges. (Speaking of which... FUCK the women who want to join a MEN'S golf club. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU SHALLOW FUCKING FEMINIST CUNT!)

I'll cut you a deal. You can have not one, but BOTH of my nuts in your mouth.

don't say i never gave you anything, you ingrateful fucking puritanic fuckwad.
Thursday, January 8th, 2004
4:22 pm
I am a bellicose SOB.

People cannot handle it when I am in a bad mood.
So I keep it in.

Noone I have ever known has felt comfortable around me in a bad mood.
The cats run when they see the fire in my eyes.

My violence shows through my skin and my rage punctures the bright little balloon that is their image of me as a harmless, declawed cat.


Hate is only properly expressed when you are tearing out someone's heart with your teeth and EATING it.

That's all I have to say about that.
3:48 pm
This journal
This journal is dedicated to my hate of society and the useless, retarded people that populate it.

I do not use words like "anarchy" or "despotism" or "new age mythology"
i find it all so trendy, and there's no excuse for being mundane.

There is no possible way that we can change society unless we all work together and think the same thoughts and have the same vision.
But that's like asking 2 male cats to have kittens together.

I am pessimistic about society, because it wont get better or more liveable for ME.
I am realistic about my goals and expectations.

I am optimistic about my life with my girlfriend.

I am self centered and proud of it.
If I didn't admit that I was self centered, then I'd be just like the other fucking jackoff hypocrates who say they arent, yet live their life in an arogant state of denial, covered in the victim's facade.

I hate victims and I do not care if your mommy/daddy/uncle/jesus/mary/fucking/joseph fucked you up in some way because YOU CANT CHANGE IT, IT WONT GO AWAY. The best that you can do, no matter HOW fucked up you are, is just to LIVE THE FUCK ON AND STOP WHINING.
3:34 pm
Things I want to see on TV
1) Television show dedicated to hardcore beastiality.

2) A "caught on tape" show where it shows XXX rated home movies of famous politicians and celebrities

3) A "Shoot a Christian in the Face" Happy-Jesus execution hour.

4) A tv show called "Own Up" where adults whine about how their parents molested then and made them incompetent... then the host would beat them with a baseball bat until they promised to start taking responsibility for their actions.

5) A "Mad-scientist" hour, where they cut living drug dealers up without anesthetic, and perform bizarre, random and unnecessary organ, tissue and limb transplants.

6) A TV show where child molestors get raped and tortured to the brink of death. I see instant replay and a "Phone-in poll" for a 'mercy killing'

7) a tv show called "If you are religious, you are stupid"

8) a documentary/reality tv show when rich, stuck-up young & preteen "rent-a-goths" learn the TRUE meaning of gothic squalor, sex abuse and mental anguish.

9) A Suicide gameshow. Winner gets $10,000 check delivered to their family. They would be given olive forks and other difficult utensils. First to die wins.

10) A reality show. follow every word and mis-step of a stuck-up middle class White Christian woman adopts a black lower-class baby with aids

11) Ultimate Fighting Challenge. Winner is the last one left alive.

I'm not sick. I just think that the majority of humanity is doomed to it's own self destruction.

So.. in the process, why not have a little FUN with it?

Fuck you. If you don't like this part of my brain, go the fuck away.
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