cougarville (cougarville) wrote,

This journal

This journal is dedicated to my hate of society and the useless, retarded people that populate it.

I do not use words like "anarchy" or "despotism" or "new age mythology"
i find it all so trendy, and there's no excuse for being mundane.

There is no possible way that we can change society unless we all work together and think the same thoughts and have the same vision.
But that's like asking 2 male cats to have kittens together.

I am pessimistic about society, because it wont get better or more liveable for ME.
I am realistic about my goals and expectations.

I am optimistic about my life with my girlfriend.

I am self centered and proud of it.
If I didn't admit that I was self centered, then I'd be just like the other fucking jackoff hypocrates who say they arent, yet live their life in an arogant state of denial, covered in the victim's facade.

I hate victims and I do not care if your mommy/daddy/uncle/jesus/mary/fucking/joseph fucked you up in some way because YOU CANT CHANGE IT, IT WONT GO AWAY. The best that you can do, no matter HOW fucked up you are, is just to LIVE THE FUCK ON AND STOP WHINING.
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