cougarville (cougarville) wrote,

Things I want to see on TV

1) Television show dedicated to hardcore beastiality.

2) A "caught on tape" show where it shows XXX rated home movies of famous politicians and celebrities

3) A "Shoot a Christian in the Face" Happy-Jesus execution hour.

4) A tv show called "Own Up" where adults whine about how their parents molested then and made them incompetent... then the host would beat them with a baseball bat until they promised to start taking responsibility for their actions.

5) A "Mad-scientist" hour, where they cut living drug dealers up without anesthetic, and perform bizarre, random and unnecessary organ, tissue and limb transplants.

6) A TV show where child molestors get raped and tortured to the brink of death. I see instant replay and a "Phone-in poll" for a 'mercy killing'

7) a tv show called "If you are religious, you are stupid"

8) a documentary/reality tv show when rich, stuck-up young & preteen "rent-a-goths" learn the TRUE meaning of gothic squalor, sex abuse and mental anguish.

9) A Suicide gameshow. Winner gets $10,000 check delivered to their family. They would be given olive forks and other difficult utensils. First to die wins.

10) A reality show. follow every word and mis-step of a stuck-up middle class White Christian woman adopts a black lower-class baby with aids

11) Ultimate Fighting Challenge. Winner is the last one left alive.

I'm not sick. I just think that the majority of humanity is doomed to it's own self destruction.

So.. in the process, why not have a little FUN with it?

Fuck you. If you don't like this part of my brain, go the fuck away.
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