cougarville (cougarville) wrote,

Men are pigs, women are bitches

The whole time that I restrain myself from saying what's truly on my mind, is probably about 30 seconds a day.
if that.

But the things that dont get said are usually poorly thought out and easily regrettable.

However, if someone were to ask me "What do I think of _________"

I can't necessarily tell them what I really think.
Because people can't look past homicidal tendencies, I find.
As soon as you say "kill them all"
one of three thoughts will happen.

1) He's trying to be funny
2) He's trying too hard to be "cool"
3) He's a little violent.

The second they realize that I honestly hate the bags of blood and pus that call themselves human...
BAM... they get put off. "Oh shit, he's serious"

I like individuals... but no matter how nice a person could be, I could write them off into a grave before I ever met them. That is how much genocidal rage that I have.

I guess I don't have homicidal tendancies... its more or less genocidal lust.
I'm so cute, I could fuck myself.
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