cougarville (cougarville) wrote,


Another reason to hate people?

Rude, Snippy comments.

I swear... people pretend to be mature, but then act like children?

It doesn't make sense.

Just like a recent story in the Ukraine... where the parents letting their 11 year old daughter carry a child to full term. Pregnancy wrecks A GROWN woman's body... now imagine how many health problems that girl is going to have when she's older. Shit.

I can understand the fact that the 26 year old man had sex with her.
Not because I like it, but because that kind of thing is never going to go away.

But what is worse than what that 'man' did to her, is the fact that the parents allowed the girl to carry the child full-term.

What the guy did MAY have caused an emotional scar (although I know for a FACT that a lot of 11 year olds are getting the idea that they 'want' sex, even though they dont know shit about the implications) He MAY have caused an emotional scar, and maybe minor vaginal tearing...

But what the PARENTS did, is allow the child run the full pregnancy term. Sapping her skeleton of the calcium it needs to strengthen and grow, fucking up her hormonal cycle, ruined her life when she was not old enough to ruin it.... they should have had it aborted RIGHT AWAY.

the man shouldn't get off scott-free. he should be given at least a heavy fine or something...
but the PARENTS are the ones who are the evildoers in this story.
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