cougarville (cougarville) wrote,

Such an asshole.

Fuck it.
I'm dead anyway.

Noone really appreciates a good son-of-a-bitch these days.

Every one is a victim... except me.
So >I< gotta be the bad guy.

shit.. just because i throw rocks at your babies and kick your yapping pomeranians, that doesn't make you better than me, it only makes you look stupid... after all you are worthless and stupid, and will raise your children to be just like you, you FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF CITY TRASH!

Oh, fuck you. As if you never had homocidal urges at the sound of a dog yipping constantly.

So WHAT if I swerve to barely miss the homeless guys...

suck my fucken dick, you worthless cunt. get a real life.
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