cougarville (cougarville) wrote,

As if one diseased daily rant weren't enough..

I would just like to announce that the fight for homosexual marriage is fucking STUPID

Not because im against gays or marriage....

but because gay folks can set up the legal bit up privately that would include beneficiaries, etc and would have better protections than the actual marriage itself.

You wouldn't have to deal with any self-righteous christians, or closeted bishops that hope to draw any potential interest away from their interest in young male babies.

[another tangent]

Although I have been friends with gay people most of my life... you know, the ones who admit it AND the ones who don't.....

and I still just don't understand the fascination. Like... it HAS to be biological or chemically induced because I totally cannot see how a guy (ANY guy) can think that a naked man bent over is sexy. even a lot women agree that the sight of a bent-over hairy naked man is ugly... or at least funny.

It baffles me to no end... and then there are the little 'pillow-talk' phrases that i can only imagine go on... [deep voice] ohhh billy... yes oh... put your hot man stick in my ass"

how is that sexy?

See, I figured out something recently... and it goes against popular opinion.

Men who like transexuals, she males, hermaphrodites... etc.... aren't necessarily gay
(whereas I, myself have been slightly confused by the appearance of one, have no desire to fuck one or even get close)

the reason i say that these men who like these "shemales" are not necessarily gay.....
is due to the fact that these men are tired of dealing with emotionally FUCKED UP women.... so they turn to someone that is more like them... who understands their needs for sexual attention and if they are lucky, have the breasts/body that they like in a woman.

The whole idea of someone WANTING to be a transgender is retarded (in my opinion)

Someone saying "I was born the wrong sex, so I fixed it" is like saying "I was given the wrong salary, so I fixed it"

The shit don't work, you are chopping off a bit of your anatomy... and really, when it comes to removing major body parts, that is where I draw the line...

believe it or not, im VERY open minded about perforating, implanting and inking your body.... but COME ON NOW....

i'll stop.. because i feel another vomitous rant bubbling up from the stench of my soul.
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